About Thermal Corkshield™

Thermal CorkShield™ is a sprayed cork material offering superior properties compared to stucco and paint. It’s the most advanced green energy product on the market right now that brings the amazing natural characteristics of cork and applies them to your home or commercial space. 

Thermal CorkShield™ is eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, flexible, breathable, fire retardant, water resistant, mildew resistant, and acts as an acoustic barrier. 


Where can you use Thermal Corkshield™?

The applications are endless. From homes, workshops, garages, gymnasiums, boat decks, RV roofs, industrial equipment, and more. Interior and exterior applications include:

  • brick
  • stucco
  • block
  • metal
  • siding
  • glass 
  • drywall
  • wood

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How is it applied?

Thermal CorkShield™ is applied over existing substrates or as a final coat in the stucco process. Projected at the wall through a texture sprayer, it pounds against the surface and each granule of cork acts a suction cup. Along with a polyurethane adhesive that stops delamination, and our certifying process we stand behind the product with a 10 year warranty. 



Is thermal corkshield™ an eco-friendly product?

Yes. Cork is a natural product from the cork bark tree. It is extracted from the bark of the tree, without damaging it every 9 - 10 years. During the trimming of the bark, the cork tree releases large amounts of oxygen, helping to replenish the air we breath. 

The process of extraction, manufacture and application of the cork material is done without any environment impact. We are certified as green by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

What Colours are available?

There are currently 27 stock colours, and the product is available in any custom colours you can imagine.
Because Thermal Corkshield™ is mixed on site with advanced proprietary pigments, we see less that 1% of fade annually, compared to 5-10% fade with most paints. 

VIPEQ-Colour Swatches.png